Design and manufacture of wet sectioning machines.

Since 1982, CASALIN SRL operates in the specific field of the metallographic and production cut, covering year after year a path of gradual and progressive growth, CASALIN SRL has internationally asserted itself as a leader in such field, always remembering the values and the beliefs upon which it has been founded.

Since its birth, CASALIN SRL has been committed in planning and manufacturing wet sectioning machines for the metallographic preparation and the production cut.
The sectioning machines range is also used to cut: hard metals, ceramic metals, hardened steels, normal steels, alloys, glass, ceramics, composite, plastic materials, stainless steel and many others.

The long-lasting and rich experience, and the continuous and constant capability of deeply analyzing and satisfying the specific demands and problems of the customers, allows the continuous updating and the constant development of new prototypes increasing, by this way, the machines range and relevant performances.