Casalin srl operates in the production cutting field since 1982. Step by step, through a gradual and progressive growth, Casalin srl has successfully established itself to an International level, always keeping in mind the values and the firm belief on which it has been founded.

Since its birth, Casalin srl has been engaged in designing and manufacturing humid sectioning machines for metallographic preparation.

The preliminary operation to perform a perfect metallographic analysis is to carry out an optimal section of the sample. The long-lasting experience in such field has allowed Casalin srl to manufacture a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic sectioning machines, to make accurate and fast cuts by means of specific cut-off wheels that have been optimized over the years to get a more and more accurate cut.

The metallographic cut is a very important phase. It is indeed top priority that the cut sample surface is homogeneous, without burrs or burns considering that, once sectioned, the sample must be tested and pass various control processes.

Besides quality control testing, our sectioning machines have been studied to cover several different fields such as hard metal cutting, hardened steel cutting, normal steel cutting, stainless steel cutting, alloys cutting, glass cutting, ceramic materials cutting, composite cutting, plastic materials cutting, graphite cutting and many others.

Casalin srl proposes itself in such field sure to manufacture technically and mechanically state-of-the-art sectioning machines able to fully meet and satisfy any customer demand.