Casalin srl operates in the production cutting field since 1982. Step by step, through a gradual and progressive growth, Casalin srl has successfully established itself to an International level, always keeping in mind the values and the firm belief on which it has been founded.

Recently, Casalin srl has designed and manufactured a range of machine tools to perform the impact-strength preparation for Charpy and Izod tests in a fast and accurate way. The peculiarity of such machines is the possibility to carry out two processing steps, unlike the old processing system where the impact-strength was prepared bringing it to a length of 55mm and later on making a 45° notch by means of a broach.

With this new system, the cut and V notch processing are carried out in a single working cycle that takes more or less one minute to process a single test-piece up to a maximum of 9 test-pieces all at once.

Cycle for impact-strength preparation:

· First passage: by means of a cut-off wheel the first cut in the left part of the impact-strength is done.
· Second passage: by means of a carbide milling cutter, a V notch – or different shapes – is done.
· Third passage: the cut-off wheel completes the cycle by cutting the impact-strength to 55mm in the right part.

Once the test-piece has been cut and incised it is ready for the impact-strength test (Charpy or Izod notched bar impact-strength) which consists in breaking the test-piece with a single swing of the pendulum bat in the V notch area.

This test is very often performed considering, the obtained values, allow to classify – mainly the steel -, according to its different degree of fragility, a very important condition for the selection of the material intended to build frameworks, mechanical items, low temperature liquid shells, and so on… for which impact stress can happen.

Casalin srl proposes itself in such field sure to manufacture technically and mechanically state-of-the-art sectioning machines able to fully meet and satisfy any customer demand.

RV notch Impact-strength

U notch Impact-strength


Impact-strength preparation with broach

Impact-strength preparation with Casalin srl machines